He asked me to customize his hat,i said ok
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Equal exchange of energy transferring from one form to another.. a thought into a brush stroke..and intention into actions. you get what you give…and i give my all
.i started this back at #lib14 and worked on it since. this is a great representation of how crazy its been and a reflection of what i experienced .even chaos has harmony and you can feel us closer to synchronicity

It’s been a struggle but this piece is a reminder that even struggles never last..but we are infinite and the love is always there..even my rose quartz sphere made it on canvas.
I present to you

"A persistent ratio/a neverending love/90 til infinity"

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Make your own moves, be your own boss

Remember in order to move harmoniously with the shift of change , you must be aware of the constant shifts be it socially, economically and politically..

A monetary shift in wealth .redirecting where money is coming from to where it’s going..to create a truthful and fair balance as we learn to absolve the essential needs humans require for self sustainment (rent,food,clothes )

As society changes
our choices change our perception and how we interact .
communicating for a better understanding to further relate perceived realities creating new realities, advancing in possibilities that never could have existed without this occurring.

And as our govt continues to act without the voice of the people, the people must join communally and act as a symbiotic representation of what they want (be the change though direct democracy and act independently creating yourself as a resource for the community)

If i made sense then i did it..
I was able to show you a new world is possible.. a risk and a leap of faith using your gut instinct telling you what feels right..we are masters of our reality and only we can limit ourselves.. live forth with good intentions and the universe will provide with love through the synchronicity of truth, intention and effort…

Sending love and warm positive energy to those who need it..always an ear for those who need it

Much Love n light guys

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Tools for the night …making my living by making and giving.. #ipaint #loveyourjobamerica

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speech therapy. 

This was my backyard at lib ..awww

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more than a self image it was his own stare looking at the universe comprehending the true reality of his existence, and how the stars caused this to happen …that eventually  lead to this self reflection

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Hey guys.got some new work on the way. Some vital amplification on the way ;)

Hey guys.got some new work on the way. Some vital amplification on the way ;)

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Pawel Kuczynski’s satirical art. Take a moment to look at these properly.

Now THIS is worthy of being one of my favorite posts of all time on tumblr.

Holy wow

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Progress shot

Progress shot

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Another amazing weekend with amazing people. grateful to have been a part of this beautiful experience sharing and coexisting , creating and being a part of something that will inspire..the land listened to our footsteps, our thoughts, our yells ..our bass… we’re all healers spreading love we’re all keepers shining the light…..i love you all
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it’s more than a festival..
C u there #lib

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From top to bottom
Optical calcite
Bloodstone(L) labradorite Amazonite (R)
Rose quarts sphere Working clockwise
Mystery purple rock i forgot name
Green tourmaline
Blue apatite
Rose quartz(L)
Amethyst with a peridot on top
Gold apatite
And last but not least black tourmaline

Let’s raise vibrations together coexisting harmoniously, providing for the land as it has always provided for us in many ways and form. its a Beautiful time we are living in, we are at the forefront of a generation taking back what was handed down and is now ours to take ,live with love & light have a blessed day #itsalllove

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