Gabriel and ruca catching up with old friends under a full moon

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It’s been quite the adventure ive gotten myself in, been fortunate to go to #gemandjam and party with a lot of beautiful people and collect some beautiful gems..its nice to be back home cleansing the rocks..this year is gonna good much love and blessings to all you you light beings

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everything has an origin…

and we all come from the same place…

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How iz i?……

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@og_kemst get last night tho #badklaat #basshead #bassnight #tuffguytour

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#Supermario3 #tbt

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Meet my mom,my sad reality

BEEI felt like venting out so fuck you

So for the past week my mom has been drinking ,i cant afford to take time off but my guess is excessively.

It gets to a point where she doesnt eat …

This goes on as far as i can remember..i remember coming home one day from a friends house,im probably 8 at the time and i see my mom on the floor passed out in her vomit.

It’s been 15 yrs now that ive seem this vicious cycle,she binge drinks for days straight ,doesn’t eat ,throws up, has stomach pains ,gets better ,stays better for a month to maybe three ,then repeats the same thing…

When i was younger i wouldn’t see it ,i mean i wasn’t aware ..she used to go to AA meetings , i made my first best friend there .i didn’t know it was AA until i got older and started seeing more and more relapses her and there…
It sucks

I blame my dad, he left us when i was 5 but i cant blame him

I blame my moms dad for being an alcoholic and dying of it
And beating and traumatizing her
She’s following the same path i fear.
I can hear her vomiting as i write this word this very second

I cry

I tried everything i can think cam help

She stresses ,she’s depressed,she has abandonment issues,she can’t let me go
I can’t let her go
I can’t just leave her this way
I have to try
This is my conflict
She won’t listen because I’m young and her son, but i know my fair share of stubbornness and she is no exception

I get mad at her because of they eat she is…prideful, she lies to make her point right even though I’ve caught her lies, she refuses to admit it…
I’ve missed work to take care of her,i can’t afford to

Im paying rent for the both of us
I have been for a year now

She lost her jobs and hasn’t found any work, she has no education, she never went to school, has the skill of a 10 yr old

She started going to English class, which im happy about, it distracted her at least and it eased my mind knowing…

I love her but i have to spread my wings, but she’s not in a stable place and i can’t leave her…

I don’t know what to do…

I just want to go out meet a random girl and have meaningless sex or take a trip and leave to go backpacking..take a bunch of psychedelics and go insane…

I see her destroy herself and there’s nothing i could do that i haven’t tried before

Shooting myself would be a cop out

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#happynewyear #dontfuckitup

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Ot grows naturally from the earth,amd when you embrace it,it twnds to grow on you #lovegrows #love #ipaint #art #xmasgift #itsalllove #hashtags

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Step one: background #ipaint

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;) shhhh….

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Just got this early present
an ancient culture
A modern way of life

This book is a breakdown of how #psychedelics played a role in ancient greece and bridges the gap to modern times.

"The process of beings led to things of love,is this- to use earth’s beauty as the stair up which he mounts to other beauty,going from one to all fair forms and from fair forms to

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